Home sweet stadium

I guess we adjusted to Pacific time, because we all slept until 9 am today, except Steve who is always up before 7:30.

Thanks to our marathon exploring yesterday, we were able to only have 2 things on our agenda today.

Our first stops was the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Site.

We learned about the role that Seattle played in the gold rush and how the gold rush boom saved the city from financial ruin. We wish we would have had more time to explore, but we had a game to get to!

During last year’s road trip to California and Arizona we went to 7 MLB games; our trip was really based around those games. This trip, the only game we had was today’s Seattle Mariners game. This is Stadium number 24 for our family on our quest to go to all the MLB stadiums before our kids are out of the house. (The 6 left are Boston, 2 New York, DC, Denver and Houston).

We love baseball games for a family because they are inexpensive, unless you are seeing the Cubs, and they are a great way to experience the city you are in.

Aiden and Steve heard about some chili fried grasshoppers that they wanted to try, so they did 😳😣

And the consensus was that they were too chewy and not crunchy enough. Ha!

We did some stadium exploring and found some great phot spots!

When the kids were tiny, MLB games were harder. Lots of candy and toys and walks and we would leave early. We have come a long way, because at today’s game Aiden kept score, Brenna drew, Cora entertained Kellen and Steve and I actually watched a lot of the game!

The retractable roof was open, it was a beautiful day and the Mariners pulled off a walk off home run to win it in the bottom of the 9th. What a game!

Aiden got a new hat! Isn’t this old school logo just the best!

We experienced true Seattle traffic on the way back to our hotel. Wow, it is real.

Most night are filled with thinking through details of the next day, shifting clothes for the next days activities and weather, and figuring out food for picnic lunches. This nomad lifestyle can get out of hand if you aren’t constantly on top of things, so instead of house chores and cleaning my house, I clean a van and store things not needed the next day in totes.

It is a simple, simple life and I just love it.


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